The Chinese government recently released a list of rules that define which songs are classified as illegal, and therefore not permitted for use in KTV bars within the country. 

Songs that fall under this category are ones that violate the constitution, endanger national unity, sovereignty, or territorial integrity. 

Any songs that incite racial hatred or discrimination, violate religious beliefs, or propagate obscenity or illegal activities also fall under the nine rules of which songs cannot be played. 

The law of what songs cannot be played in KTV bars will come in to effect on October 1. 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism stated that businesses who supply songs to karaoke bars will be responsible for providing songs that fall within the new criteria. 

There are over 50,000 KTV bars in China with more than 100,000 songs per bar.

In 2015, the ministry blacklisted 120 songs due to obscenity, violence, crime, or because they harmed social morality. The list of blacklisted songs included one entitled, “Fart.”

Censorship is commonplace within Chinese media, owing partly to the fact that there isn’t an age limit on games, movies, books, or music. 

Chinese regulators believe that if it isn’t suitable for all ages, it isn’t suitable for anyone, as cited by the Guardian.

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