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Searching for a rental apartment is arguably the least favorite task for people who live in China. For starters, some have to deal with a language barrier between landlords and agents while nonnationals will at times be flat-out rejected from renting out certain flats. (We write from firsthand experience…)

It seems the best strategy for apartment hunting is to put your eggs in several baskets, one of which should be Anjuke. Although by no means the quintessential tool to finding your next humble abode, this online real estate platform allows you to search for rental listings in cities across the PRC. When a spot catches your eye, simply send a message to the agent or landlord to setup a time to visit. If you’re tired of renting and want to go all-in on a home of your own, the app also lists apartments for sale.

Founded in January 2007, Anjuke has been an influential player in the Chinese real estate market, with more than 66 million unique visitors to Anjuke-operated websites per month, according to Crunchbase. The company was acquired by in a cash deal for USD267 million in 2015.

While Anjuke provides you with a relatively easy option to finding your next living space, it certainly has its flaws. We’ve learned at times that apartments are already rented out after meeting with the agent, who then shows lesser-attractive housing options. So, try not to get your hopes up if you find a place you really like.

Anjuke (安居客) is available on iOS and Android.

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