China is a big country with vast place and area. There are more than 300 cities in China. The vast areas means you can travel in China all the year round. The weather and climate changes a lot from the south to the north. The climate of China can be divided into two parts by the Yangtze river. The south has a warm and hot weather in spring and summer. While the North has a cold and harsh winter. You can have a visit to south China during the winter and spring. It won't be too cold in most parts of the south China. Summer and Autumn are seemed as the best time to travel in China. Most popular cities in the North are Beijing, Shanghai, Xian. For those who want to visit south China, Guangzhou, Hong Kong , Chongqing, Guilin, Chengdu are good places to visit.  Now book the flights to China and enjoy a great trip to China.


Best time to Visit Beijing


facts of great wall of China Climate wise, autumn (September and October) is Beijing's finest, but shortest, season. Skies are blue, the weather is cooling down and the mad summer rush has exhausted itself, so few visitors are in town. Locals muse that this is the season of Tiangao Qishuang, literally high skies and the air is fresh, with trade blue sky and crisp air. Arid spring can be pleasant, apart from the scouring sandstorms, gusting from Inner Mongolia and the ubiquitous static electricity discharging everywhere. Spring also sees snow like liuxu(willow catkins) wafting through Beijing air. Summer is blistering, drawn-out event, but it's also the peak tourist season. From many onwards mercury can surge above 30 degree, reaches over 40 degree in midsummer. Heavy rainstorms appear in late the season. Face-numbing winter sees far fewer tourists in town, and some hotels may offer substantial discounts. But it's glacial outside and the northern wind cut like a knife through bean curd. Heating in public building is officially turn only in Mid November, no matter how cold it gets. Air pollution can be very harsh in both summer and winter.


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