International hotel giants continue to be optimistic about the Chinese market and accelerate their deployment at the beginning of the new year. On January 23, Marriott International and China's local hotel brand Delu Group jointly announced the signing of a cooperation agreement. Marriott will grant its Tribute Choice brand to some New Century Hotels and other high-end brands managed by Delu Group under a franchise model. , for joint cooperation. In the future, these cooperative hotels will be launched on both parties’ own official booking channels and join the loyalty membership programs of both parties.

Delu Group, chaired by Zheng Nanyan, a serial entrepreneur in the hotel industry, has developed rapidly in recent years. It owns 10 hotel brands in Kaiyuan Mingdu, and its business territory covers more than 1,400 hotels that have been opened or are under construction around the world. Its main business also includes catering and Offline entertainment. Among them, Kaiyuan Mingdu is a luxury Chinese-style hotel brand under Delu. It has 180 distinctive hotels that have been opened or are under construction across the country, with a total of more than 50,000 luxury rooms. In the hearts of travel enthusiasts, Kaiyuan Mingdu has a high reputation and is one of the local brands preferred by many mid- to high-end vacation tourists.

For Marriott International Group, which has nearly 8,700 hotels and more than 30 brands in 139 countries and regions, the award of the Tribute Choice brand to some high-end hotels of Delu Group means that in the future, Marriott points can be redeemed Delu has more than 100 full-service hotels, further enhancing the value of membership.

A more intuitive impact is that Marriott International Group will greatly expand the popularity of The Ultimate Choice in China. Up to now, Tribute Choice has opened nearly 100 hotels in nearly 30 countries and regions around the world, attracting travelers with labels such as unique and attractive designs. In Greater China, the Tribute Portfolio hotels that have opened include Sanya Taikang Home, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Shenzhen Galaxy, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Shanghai Sheshan Maoyu, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, and Foshan Shunde Midea, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel. There are 4. After this cooperation is reached, the number of co-branded hotels in China will be greatly increased.

"The cooperation between Marriott International and Delu Group confirms our confidence in China's high-end hotel market." Zheng Nanyan, executive chairman of Delu Group, said, "The new dual-brand cooperation model is Delu's high-end brand hotels and premium hotels. Choice provides strong support for the long-term development in the Chinese market." Mao Yibing, President of Marriott International Greater China, said: "At the beginning of the new year, we are very happy to join hands with Delong Group to bring unique travel experiences to Chinese guests and help Strong growth in the Chinese market for both parties.”

An incomplete statistics shows that Marriott International Group expands about 50 new hotels every year, which is not too fast among large hotel groups. Industry insiders believe that the launch of franchise hotel brands in China reveals Marriott International's determination and desire to increase its speed in conquering cities and territories in China.



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