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How Stand-up Comedy Has Evolved in Shanghai

Living in Shanghai can be stressful. If you’ve lived in this city for a reasonable length of time, chances are you’ve come across a stand-up comedy show. Who doesn’t enjoy a good belly laugh from time to time? However, for the aspiring comedian, the scene here can be soul-crushing, even under the best circumstances. It becomes even more complex when society is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of cultures, rules and expectations which don’t always match your own. To get a better glimpse into what’s happening comedy-wise, we reached out to several members – past and present – of Shanghai’s stand-up...

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How Divorce is Changing China for Better or Worse

You know what they say, ‘Happy wife, happy life’ – but what happens when a marriage goes sour? When bickering turns into heated arguments? Or issues arise with infidelity or finances? When both people are past their limit, divorce is often the answer.  It has been well-reported that the overall divorce rate in China has been rising for the past two decades – and fast. China’s young married couples are untying the knot while others hope to ‘save the date’ for a later stage in life or avoid it entirely. Various factors can be attributed to the influx in...

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How to Track Typhoons Hitting China on WeChat and Web

Typhoon season is in full swing. Could your city be next for nature’s blustery wrecking ball? You can track typhoons in real-time with a third-party plugin on WeChat. Simply scan the QR code below or search ‘台风路径’ in the WeChat search bar. Not down with WeChat apps? That’s okay because you can track typhoons the old-fashioned way on this website. [Cover image via...

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An Easy Ride-Hailing Alternative to Didi

Beijing recently removed the Didi app from Chinese app stores and took down its WeChat Mini Program. While users who previously downloaded the app can still use it normally, Didi cannot register new users after a government crackdown on the company’s use of data. Didi has one of the biggest customer platforms in China, covering 493 million annual active riders and 41 million average daily transactions.  Apps have been able to monitor changes during the pandemic, which has given a boost to tech giants. With companies in control of massive databases, the Chinese government has moved to tighten regulations...

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[How To]: Get a Chinese Driver’s License

Driving a car in Shanghai has become a lot less absolutely terrifying in recent years, compared to, let’s say, 10 years ago when traffic rules were kinda more just suggestions than actual regulations. For most people, owning a car is more something for long-term expats with money to spare. Renting a car, however, is a fun and affordable way to get out of the city for a weekend trip, and something relatively easy to do. The first rule to know is this: Foreigners aren’t allowed to drive in China using their home country driver’s license. Nor can you...

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