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[How to]: Take Care of Your Man Health This November

November is men's health month, y'all, so while your growing your fabulous mustaches — and doing your other normal every day manly things like water-sealing decks, making your own fishing lures, and wrestling bears — you should also get your man bits looked at by trained professionals should you be in the age bracket to do so. There's no shame here, my guys. No embarrassment. SmartShanghai is here to give YOU the information you need on how to get prostrate and testicular exams in Shanghai, as well as introduce you to a really good mental health center if...

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Weekend in Art: Renaissance, Contemporary, Design and Op Art at Four New Shows

Heading into the "busy art season" -- Art021 and Westbund Art Fair are opening next week, fingers crossed -- here's a couple of newly opened exhibitions you can check out this weekend. The Italians are in town as part of a government funded, consulate backed Sino-Italian culture and tourism exchange, and three of these four exhibitions feature Italian artists working in the heady High Renaissance right up to zany, ironic coffee tables and couches AKA "Contemporary Design". The fourth one is a woozily impressive Op and Kinetic Art show also showing at Museum of Art Pudong. Dig in....

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[How to]: Get into China Through Hong Kong and Macau

When we started researching this article, flights into Shanghai from overseas were outrageously expensive — often in the 60-80k RMB range for a one-way economy class ticket — and many flights frequently got cancelled, so naturally many travelers have been looking into alternative routes for making it into Shanghai. Getting back into China through Macau became an often discussed option a few weeks ago when Shanghai announced that there's no more quarantine for those coming from Macau. We took a brief look at both options, getting into China through Macau and Hong Kong. Long story short: Although flight prices...

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[How To]: Get Health Insurance in China

You need health insurance. We all do. Bones break, appendixes burst, and scooters crash. Look, you need insurance. It's just the responsible thing to do. Especially when you're an expat. Apart from the obvious, As a foreigner, you're more likely to need to go somewhere the doctors speak English, and that means you're going to probably have to pay for the privilege. There are long-term health concerns associated with living in China, and getting a plan now before you need it is way, way easier than trying to get it back home when you do. ...

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[How To]: Register When You Return to Shanghai

One would think the government knows quite well where we are, with all the apps and QR codes we're scanning whenever we go anywhere... guess not? Anyway, according to this announcement on Shanghai Fabu we now have to register on the suishenban app when traveling back to Shanghai from other provinces. The announcement further explains that, "Such online registration is mandatory even if people are coming from domestic areas without COVID-19 infection or it is just a one-day trip outside Shanghai, according to the government". From the sounds of it, it doesn't seem like there is anyone...

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