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How to Got the COVID-19 Vaccine in Shanghai

Starting on Monday, March 29, foreigners in Shanghai were able to make an appointment for the domestically-produced COVID-19 vaccine, to be delivered in two doses. I booked a vaccination appointment through the Jiankang Yun (Health Cloud) app, by scanning the QR code below. After receiving a text confirmation of the date, time and location for my vaccination, I waited patiently (and somewhat anxiously) for my appointment to arrive – and yesterday was my day of reckoning. Here’s a recap of my experience, along with some useful tips to ensure a smooth appointment. Our Experience I showed up at the Waitan...

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How To Register for Your Individual Income Tax Refund in China

Bring up the topic of taxes and you’ll hear a collective groan. Not because people disapprove of the institution per se, but because it’s inevitably a headache that takes a lot of time in our winter or spring schedule. Add the extra layer of being an expat, and you’ve got yourself what we here at Jingkids like to call a poop show. Generally speaking, in your home country, you can assume a certain level of responsibility and understanding about what your tax return will look like, or what you will owe, based on past experiences. Moving to a new country might bring with...

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How to Book a Public Hospital Appointment Through the 114 App

Living in Beijing as a foreigner can sometimes mean struggling to book an appointment at a public hospital. The locals use the 114 system to 挂号 guàhào (book appointment) but unless you can read Chinese, you’re stuck with the old school method of calling up the hospital or begging a Chinese friend to help.  But fear no more! Since the 114 health mini-program now offers a guahao feature, the Beijinger's sister publication Jingkids has created a step-by-step guide to making an appointment. Step 1 – Type “114” in the WeChat search bar or scan the QR code above to enter the account. You must follow the account...

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What You Need to Know About China’s Illegal Visa Crackdown

With a crackdown on foreigners working illegally in China, we spoke with the UK government in China in the hope of making British people (and everyone else) aware of the possible consequences of working in China on the wrong visa – be it a fine, administrative detention, deportation, travel ban and/or criminal charges – and what recourse is available to people who are detained. Here are some fast facts that should be enough to prompt you to get your papers in order: Over 40 British nationals detained this year to April 2019, triple that compared to same period in 2016/2017. Not all focused on municipalities...

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Here’s the Latest on China’s Illegal Drug Crackdown

The UK government has issued a timely reminder of the strict drug laws in place and very much enforced in China, and the harsh punishments meted out to those who break them. Here are a few takeaways from it. Quick Facts China has a zero tolerance to drugs There are severe penalties for drug-related offenses including the death penalty There have been increasing incidences of police raids on bars, clubs and private homes Chinese police undertake random drug testing including on entry to the country* Last year, 33 Brits faced detention, a fine, deportation or all three for drug-related incidents *People who may...

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