Chinese food culture is broad and profound. If you are concerned about cooking Chinese food in a safe and healthy way, the following suggestions will be useful.

1. Choose fresh, clean water and ingredients.

2. Pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked food.

Don’t let uncooked food come into contact with cooked food. Do not use the same knife to cut raw, semi-raw and cooked meats. Wash everything thoroughly after cutting cooked food with the chopping board.

3. In Chinese food, eggs, meat, milk, seafood and other foods, generally should be thoroughly cooked before consumption. In addition, beans and other legume vegetables must be thoroughly cooked, because not cooked legume vegetables can easily cause food poisoning.

4. Chinese food has many kinds of cooking methods, and focuses on color, fragrance and taste, but it is suggested to control the temperature of oil, reasonably control the amount of oil and the use of salt, sugar and other seasonings, so as to maintain nutrition and a healthy diet.

5. Chinese food offers a balanced diet and reasonable collocation. It is suggested to eat a proper amount of vegetables, fruits, milk and soybean products per meal to achieve a reasonable dietary structure.


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