On September 23th, 2018, along with the opening of the much-anticipated Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong High-Speed Railway, the bullet train between Hong Kong and Kunming also began operating. This daily train runs from Hong Kong's West Kowloon Station to Kunming South Station, and vice versa, with the travel time of 7.5 hours. This train also stops at popular tourist cities of Guilin and Guiyang.

  • Train number: G312/G314
  • Distance: 1400 kilometers (870 miles)
  • Duration: 7 hours 38 minutes
  • Terminals: Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, Kunming South Railway Station
  • Stops: Shenzhen North, Humen, Guangzhou South, Guilin West, Guiyang North

hong kong to shanghai high speed rail, China bullet train

Hong Kong to Kunming High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on July 9th, 2019)

G312: West Kowloon Station “西九龙站” to Kunming South Station "昆明南站"
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Hong Kong West Kowloon 12:05
Shenzhen North 12:23 12:27
Humen 12:44 12:46
Guangzhou South 13:03 13:08
Guilin West 15:25 15:30
Guiyang North 17:38 17:44
Kunming South 19:47

Check the up-to-date Hong Kong to Kunming high-speed train schedules.

Kunming to Hong Kong High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on July 9th, 2019)

G314: Kunming South Station "昆明南站" to West Kowloon Station “西九龙站”
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Kunming South 09:21
Guiyang North 11:22 11:26
Guilin West 13:32 13:36
Guangzhou South 15:55 16:03
Shenzhen North 16:33 16:39
Hong Kong West Kowloon 16:57

Kunming to Hong Kong up-to-date high-speed train schedules.

business class on Hong Kong high-speed trains, China trainsBusiness class on Hong Kong to Kunming high-speed train

Hong Kong – Kunming High-Speed Train Seat Classes and Ticket Fares

Seat Classes

Hong Kong to Kunming high-speed trains have three classes of seats: business class, first class and second class:

  • Second class has 5 chairs (3+2) in a row. It is the most common class on a high-speed train and ticket fare is the cheapest.
  • First class has four chairs in a row. It is more spacious and comfortable than second class.
  • Business class is the most luxurious class in a high-speed train, with the most expensive price. There are three leathered chairs in a row, which can be declined to a flat position.

Also read which class to choose on a high-speed train.

Ticket Prices

Business First Class Second Class
US$332 (2287 CNY) US$177 (1220 CNY) US$109 (750.5 CNY)

More Options From Hong Kong to Kunming By High-Speed Train

If the direct train between Hong Kong and Kunming doesn't meet your itinerary, you can have more options by transfer at Guangzhou or Shenzhen via high-speed trains. The total travel time would be a bit longer than taking the direct train.

Transfer in Guangzhou

There are 34 high-speed trains from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and 17 high-speed trains from Guangzhou to Kunming. Transfer procedures only need to be carried out at Guangzhou South Railway Station. Bullet trains from Hong Kong to Guangzhou are all depart from West Kowloon Station. Bullet trains from Guangzhou to Kunming arrive at Kunming South or Kunming Railway Statons.

Hong Kong to Guangzhou
Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
G80 08:05 08:56 51 minutes
G6584 11:17 12:07 50 minutes
Guangzhou to Kunming
Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
D3822 09:42 18:24 9 hours 42 minutes
G312 13:08 19:44 6 hours 36 minutes

Search Hong Kong to Guangzhou high-speed train schedules.

Transfer in Shenzhen

Frequent high-speed trains running between Hong Kong and Shenzhen every day. They orignate/end at train stations of Hong Kong West Kowloon, Shenzhen North and Futian. Direct trains from Shenzhen to Kunming is not as many as from Guangzhou. The travel time is around 7 hours.

Hong Kong to Shenzhen
Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
G100 11:10 11:29 19 minutes
G6384 14:13 14:32 19 minutes
Shenzhen to Kunming
Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
G312 12:28 19:44 7 hours 16 minutes
G2922 15:27 22:46 7 hours 19 minutes

Hong Kong to Shenzhen High-Speed Train Schedules.

Kunming to Hong Kong high-speed train, China trainsKunming to Hong Kong high-speed train


1. For such a long distance, the quickest way of traveling between Hong Kong and Kunming is by air. Sometimes the price of a discounted air ticket is even cheaper than the train ticket.

2. If you make a transfer at Guangzhou South or Shenzhen North Stations, it is recommended to leave an hour for the transit time.

3. High-speed trains from Kunming to Dali and Lijiang depart from Kunming Railway Station. It is a different train station from Kunming South, the high-speed train station from Hong Kong to Kunming.

4. Customs inspections are needed at Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station. Exit and entry formalities will be done on the same floor. Please be aware to complete the Arrival/Departure Cards before you go to the officer. If you fail to obtain and complete these cards, you would be sent back to collect and fill-in the forms, and queue again.

Search for Hong Kong – Kunming bullet train schedules and book a ticket now!

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