Guilin Railway Station
Known by local residents as the South Railway Station, Guilin Railway Station is a mixed station with bullet trains and ordinary trains in downtown Guilin. Few trains begin their journeys here, but the station mainly runs ordinary trains to almost all major cities. It is quite convenient for passengers, especially if you are going northwards to Beijing, eastwards to Guangdong/Hong Kong or southwards to Nanning/Vietnam. Note:A small bus area in front has frequent buses to Yangshuo and Longsheng.

Guilin North Railway Station mainly operates bullet trains to Yangshuo, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The Guiyang direction of the Guiyang–Guangzhou line is better served by the recently-opened Guilin West Station.
It also serves southward bullet trains and normal-speed trains, though the Guilin South Railway Station would be better for such trains.

Guilin West Railway Station was started building in 2011, is located in Dingjiang Town, Guilin and far away from downtown. It is the intermediate station of Guangzhou - Guiyang line, mostly serving high-speed trains to and from Guangzhou and Guiyang. Currently, there are only 2 buses to Guilin West Station - No. 22 and No. 302.

(Last Updated on June 18, 2019)

From To Popular Train(s) Travel Time Distance (KM) Prospect Price
Guilin Station Beijing West  Station G422 (10:34-21:09)
1955km 1st Class: $182
2nd Class: $118
Soft Sleeper:$101
Hard Sleeper:$64
Shanghai Hongqiao  Station G1502(11:46-21:15) 9h29m 1498km 1st Class: $153
2nd Class: $96
Hangzhou East  Station G1502(11:46-20:05) 8h19m 1328km 1st Class: $136
2nd Class: $86
Ningbo Station G2344(11:06-20:57) 9h51m 1424km 1st Class: $151
2nd Class: $94
Xi'an  North  Station G1546(10:05-20:04) 9h59m 1384km 1st Class: $169
2nd Class: $109
Guangzhou South  Station D3751(07:00-12:42) 5h42m 468km 1st Class: $40
2nd Class: $33
Guilin North  Station Beijing West Station *Z286(21:34-17:03) 19h32m 1949km Soft Sleeper:$101
Hard Sleeper:$64
Shanghai South  Station *T78(16:44-10:18) 17h35m 1488km Soft Sleeper: $81
Hard Sleeper: $52
Hangzhou East  Station *T78(16:44-07:52) 15h08m 1325km Soft Sleeper: $75
Hard Sleeper: $48
Xi'an Station *K864(09:30-12:41) 27h11m 1379km Soft Sleeper: $89
Hard Sleeper: $57
Guangzhou South  Station D2965(12:30-15:24) 2h54m 498km 1st Class: $24
2nd Class: $20
Shenzhen North  Station G2901(11:05-14:03) 2h58m 608km 1st Class: $39
2nd Class: $31
Kunming South  Station D3945(15:19-22:52) 7h33m 1153km 1st Class: $81
2nd Class: $55
Guilin West Station Guangzhou South  Station D2809(11:41-14:34) 2h53m 472km 1st Class: $24
2nd Class: $20
Guiyang North  Station D2806(11:24-13:58) 2h34m 658km 1st Class: $23
2nd Class: $19


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