As part of Beijing – Harbin High-Speed Railway, the Beijing – Shenyang High-Speed High-Speed Railway has 38 bullet trains in service every day. The design speed is 350 kilometers per hour. This railway starts from Shenyang and ends at Beijing, the capital of China, passing by main cities tourist cities such as Tianjin, Chengde and Beidaihe, etc. In addition, there are also more than 20 pairs of normal-speed trains traveling between those two cities.

Beijing – Shenyang High-Speed Train

  • Distance: 709 kilometers (440 miles)
  • Duration: 3.5 – 6 hours
  • Terminals: Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Shenyang Railway Station, Shenyang North Railway Station
  • Number of trains: 38 pairs of daily high-speed trains

Beijing to Shenyang High-Speed Train Schedule

(Updated on May 19th, 2019)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
G219 08:00 12:01 4 h 1 m
G217 13:30 17:15 3 h 45 m
D27 15:15 20:26 5 h 11 m
D1 18:08 23:23 5 h 15 m

Please note:

1.  More than 30 bullet trains travel from Beijing to Shenyang every day, departing from 01:40 to 23:52, with an average interval time of around 40 minutes.

2. These trains operate at different train stations. For example, from Beijing to Shenyang, G-category high-speed trains depart from Beijing South Station and arrive at Shenyang/Shenyang North railway stations. D-category trains, however, originate from/end at Beijing Railway Station and Shenyang/Shenyang North railway stations. Please pay special attention to your departure/arrival stations when making the booking.

Shenyang to Beijing High-Speed Train Schedule

(Updated on May 19th, 2019)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
G218 08:11 11:58 3 h 47 m
G240 12:42 16:29 3 h 47 m
D102 13:35 18:31 4 h 56 m
D22 17:39 22:30 4 h 51 m

More than 30 bullet trains running from Shenyang to Beijing. The earliest train depart at 07:09 and the lastest train at 23:05. Search for up-to-date high-speed train schedules.


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