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No More Dreaded Star On China’s Travel Code App

Following yesterday’s news on reduced quarantine times, China has made another big announcement related to COVID policy – this time in relation to the Travel Code app (行程卡 – the one that can turn from green to yellow or red depending on your recent travel history).  The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced at 3pm today, June 29, that the star symbol would no longer appear on the app.  Previously, users with the star on their travel codes would see a message stating that cities in their recent travel history included mid- and or high-risk areas, but that...

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The Bumpy Last Mile: Pet Interment and Its Issues in China

Sometimes, after a long day of work, all we want is to have someone greet us when we get back home—a simple gesture that will take your fatigue away and make you feel that you are still loved by this world. Living in a metropolis floating upon so many ambitions and desires, it is hard to find the right one to share your life with. However, your life companion doesn’t have to be another human. More than 8% of Chinese people own at least one pet, and this community is continuing to grow. Many of these pet owners may...

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How Expats Navigate the Dating App World in China

In ‘The Swiping Game: How Expats Navigate the Dating App World in China,’ our August 2021 cover story, we guide you through some of the highs and lows of using dating apps as an expat in China. The anecdotes are laughable and genuine. Dating is an arduous task. The technology from this century has simply given us too many options. Meanwhile, we’re inundated with gossip magazines, romantic comedy flicks and social media influencers sending mixed messages on how dating should be done. Let’s throw in the additional barrier of being a foreigner in a new environment here in China, and...

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A Brief, Hairy History of Women’s Rights in China

 is when we trawl through the That’s archives for a work of dazzling genius written at some point in our past. We then republish it. On a Thursday. “I love short hair. But when I had it, people thought I was a lesbian,” a Chinese acquaintance once told me. She gestured at her straight, shoulder-length locks. “It’s called ‘mama’s hairstyle,’ after daughters who keep their hair long to please their mothers.” Ironic, considering that her mother came of age in an era when short hair was not only normal but sometimes even mandated: during the Cultural Revolution of the ’60s and...

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A Guide to Birth Control in China

So your yearlong stash of Alesse has finally run out, and now you’re in search of birth control in China. Here’s everything you need to know. The main type of birth control available in China is combination pills, meaning they contain a blend of progesterone and estrogen to stop the ovaries from releasing eggs.  The oral contraceptives listed on the following page all contain some form of synthetic progesterone and ethyl estradiol, a synthetic form of estrogen. Where to Buy?  Oral contraceptives can be purchased without a prescription at Chinese drug stores or even on Meituan. Search yaofang 药房...

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