This recent sudden outbreak of Covid-19 cases has found many of us in the midst of summer plans and travels.

If you’re not in your local surroundings and suddenly need a nucleic acid test, use this app to immediately find a testing site near you.

First, search for the Government Services Mini Program in your WeChat search bar. Use these characters to do so: 国家政务服务平台.


Your WeChat search will likely bring up this screen. The orange circle pulls up their WeChat subscription account. The yellow circle pulls up their Mini Program, so click there.


If you go into the orange circle, you can still get to the Mini Program by clicking services and then selecting ‘全部服务’ to pull up the Mini Program.
Once in the Mini Program, click on the icon that looks like a little hospital. This is where you want to be to find a nucleic acid test site.  

china-nucleic-acid-test4.jpegThe Mini Program should immediately detect your location, but if not, you can change the city location in the middle left (#1 on the picture below). Tapping on the location pin (#2) will open a map app to give you directions. Clicking on the address will simply show you where on the map the hospital or clinic is located. You can click on the phone number to call ahead.


Click on the map button (#3) to see all of the hospitals listed in your area.


Please note that some hospitals that do offer tests might not be listed in the Mini Program. However, this is a quick way to find out that a hospital has a confirmed testing site.

[Cover image via Pixabay]

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