Starting Thursday, all regions across China are now at a ‘low’ risk level, according to CCTV. The last remaining zone above the lowest level was Linkou county in Heilongjiang’s Mudanjiang city, which has since adjusted its risk level from ‘medium’ to ‘low.’

A CCTV broadcast on Thursday morning called for a collective effort to “return to work, return to production, return to business and return to market” (复工复产复商复市). The news has been well received by Chinese social media users, with one netizen posting, “After arduous quarantining for months, I’ve looked forward to this day to get back to work.”

In late April, Beijing’s Chaoyang district was classified as a high-risk zone while areas in Heilongjiang and Guangdong were classed as medium risk, according to South China Morning Post.


China’s public emergency measures appear to be on the homestretch, as the country shifts gears towards ramping up economic activity after its GDP contracted by 6.8% in the first quarter. The government has recently engaged in talks with multiple countries about reopening borders for specified travel, and the top legislature will convene in late May after an extended delay due to the coronavirus outbreak.  

On May 7, China’s National Health Commission reported two new infections (one in Shanghai, one in Guangdong) and four total suspected cases. According to the national commission’s COVID-19 figures, the PRC has 295 active cases. There are more than 2.2 million active COVID-19 cases worldwide.


[Cover image via Pixabay]


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