WeChat’s 2019 statistical report is officially out, giving everyone plenty of insight into the social media app’s average user.

The report looks at data compiled till the end of September 2019, and focuses on all aspects of WeChat’s features (which are seemingly endless). From the most commonly used emojis to the average WeRun user step count, there’s a lot to learn about the habits of the one billion-plus monthly active users on the app.

WeChat’s top emoji rankings (from left to right). Screengrab via WeChat

Here are six things that caught our attention in the latest report:

1. 6,932

That’s the number of steps that WeRun users averaged up until September 2019. While many people have made a proper effort to walk more throughout the day, don’t forget about that colleague Karen who uses this device to cheat her way to the top!

2. 9pm

This is the peak time of night that WeChat users check out official accounts, reading whatever news and entertainment they subscribe to. The younger crowd opt for cartoons while middle-aged folks tend to focus on child rearing and education-related articles.

3. Black Hole

At the top of WeChat’s most hotly searched news over the year was black holes, likely due to the first-ever black hole photo that surfaced in April, with contributions from the Chinese science community. Other highly searched topics included the Notre Dame Cathedral, Beijing Daxing Airport, the PRC’s 70th anniversary and garbage sorting.

4. 59%

Guys picked up 59% of the bills at eateries in the PRC, compared to 41% of tabs paid by women. While WeChat doesn’t get into specifics, we’re willing to bet there are a few external factors driving the disparity. On the flipside, 57% of tabs paid in supermarkets and shopping malls were by ladies. As for the elusive and thrilling WeChat hongbao, women received 16% more red packets than men.

5. 8pm

The most popular hour for users to play games on WeChat is around 8pm, with different generations enjoying different games (who would have thought?).

6. 1,151,000,000

WeChat has 1.151 billion monthly active users, which is a 6% increase over the same period last year. The most active periods of the day for users are before lunch and after work. (Can't forget about that afternoon nap!)

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