The following 24 phrases should help you break the language barrier while traveling by train in China. They are divided into four sections for easy reference:

  • On the Way to the Station
  • At the train station
  • On the Train
  • After the Journey

Show Chinese people the appropriate characters for what you want if you are not confident with speaking Chinese.

On the Way to the Station

China train station concourseChina train station concourse

Please double-check your train station name, as there could be more than one stations in the city.

1. Excuse me, where can I take the bus/metro to the ** train station? (Show your ticket or the Chinese name of the station)


2. Please take me to the ** train station, thanks! (Show your ticket or Chinese name of the station to taxi driver)


3. Excuse me, is there a shuttle bus to the** train station? (at an airport)


4. How long will it take to go to the **train station from here?


At the Train Station

1. Where is the ticket office, please?

China train station ticket changes and refunds areaChina train station ticket changes and refunds area


2. I have made a booking online, where can I collect my tickets?


3. This is my pick up number and passport. I need to collect the ticket. (at the ticket-collecting counter)


4. I missed my train, is it possible to change my ticket for a later train?


5. Which window is for changing ticket?


6. Which window is for ticket refunds?


Excuse me, I need to change my ticket(s) to (train number and date), please.

你好,请帮我改签到(   )车次.

7. Where is the waiting room for my train, please? (show your ticket)

China train station waiting areaChina train station waiting area


8. Could you please tell me which boarding gate is for my train? (Show your ticket to the staff.)


9. Excuse me, could you tell me where the restroom is?


10. Will you please help me find a red hat porter?


On the Train

China railway station red and blue ticket linesThere are two types of tickets, red and blue, and there are two queues for the machine check-in, before you go to the platform.

1. Where is my seat/berth, please? (show your ticket)


2. Excuse me, my companion(s) and I are in separated seats, would you mind changing seats with us?


3. Where is the dining car, please?


4. Would you please tell me where I can find the train conductor please? (for those who lost their tickets after boarding)


5. May I ask if the train is delayed, and when it will reach my destination (show your ticket)?

请问,火车有晚点吗? 什么时候到我的目的地?

6. Will you please inform me 10 mins before my arrival, thanks a lot!


After the Journey

1. Where is the exit, please?



2. I have to transit here; which way should I go, please?(show your ticket)


3. Excuse me, where could I deposit my luggage?


4. Excuse me, is there a shuttle bus to the airport please?


5. Where do I go for the bus station / subway station, please?


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