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[How to]: Eat

About this time two years ago, I got internet famous for doing all this faux-science stuff to soup dumplings, having my friend Ailadi arrange the pile of data into something beautiful, and calling it an index — The Shanghai Soup Dumpling Index. The idea was part-serious and part-satire but it really did involve me going around to more than 50 restaurants with a pair of calipers and a digital scale and dissecting dumplings for weeks and weeks. I built a formula to show which dumplings hewed closest to the ideal technical dumpling – what a dumpling engineer might make...

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[How to]: Use DiDi Now That It’s In English

"Tested" is our column where we check out new goods and services. We see if they're worth you're time and money so you don't have to. *** Didi has finally rolled out an English language interface. Which means the already strained Didi drivers have a new pool of passengers to draw from. It's been rolling out in stages across Shanghai since mid-May or so, but we only just got it. So what's it like? It still can't translate phone calls in real time. So, ever since the English-language version of Uber China got wiped from existence...

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[How to]: Be a Better Person in 2018

Ah 2018... a blank canvass just waiting to be filled, an even number, a fresh start. The New Year is a time for reflections, hopes, dreams, and articulated goals to be aggressively pursued till at least the start of February. Here you'll find the steady pillars of resolution from volunteering to gym dwelling to healthy eating. Also some recommendations of teams and communities to join in on and more. Here are our picks for starting the year off right: *** Volunteer to Help Other Humans Home Sweet Home has provided relief to...

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[How To]: Fix Everything Wrong With Your Apartment

So we've compiled a catalogue of the horrendous issues that might be plaguing your healthy, sane existence, and an even longer list of ways to fix those things. Strap in, we're going to help you fix your entire apartment. ("Life" is up to you.) *** Some ground rules before we begin: First, there's some DIY stuff here, which we suggest you approach responsibly. We're just here to help you get the stuff, don't start pouring caulk down the drain without doing a little more research on how you actually do it first. Second, don't make...

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[How To]: Set Up Your WeChat Official Account

Have you anything of value to say/sell, Shanghai? Have you recently opened some fabulous new thing that you want to promote? Have you been kicked out of every group chat for spam-posting? What if there was... another way. A harder way, yes. But a truer way. Nurturing your own private content oasis and leading the masses to it like the Pied Piper. WeChat Official Accounts. Those things in your feed you barely check. We know. We can see the numbers. It's never been particularly hard to set one up, though many shy away from the Chinese interface. Now it's...

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